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10 Unique Gift Registry Ideas

You’re engaged and more excited than ever for the big day. Planning your nuptials can be a whirlwind of decision making for that special day where you finally tie the knot and start your life together as a married couple. Creating your registry together can be a fantastic bonding experience where you can envision your lives after the big day. Many couples are choosing to forge walking down the aisles of large department stores scanner in hand, and are opting instead to create an alternative registry.

You may not be aware that the possibilities are endless with creating your ideal unique wedding ideas wish list. We’ve gathered together a collection of alternative unique wedding registries for the modern bride and groom for you to peruse. Get started on your registries today. Your guests have already been debating the perfect gift for their favourite happy couple as soon as you told them the question has been popped. Be original and skip the traditional registries in favour of something against the status quo.

Here are 10 original ideas for your wedding registry:

My Registry” lets you add gift ideas from any online store and put them all into a single registry. With a little effort you can gifts that aren’t available online, but only in store. You can sync store registries that you have already created and easily send out a custom link to all your guests.

Bottlenotes” is the perfect registry for couples who fancy themselves connoisseurs of wine. Experts at “Bottlenotes” are available to give advice and help you start your wine collection off right. Register for a beautiful selection of wines and you’ll always have just the right beverage for your future dinner parties.

Hatch My House” is an online interactive registry where guests can peruse an online house for gifts. Your guests get the chance to picture what the gifts would like like in a home, and select something that really stands out. They simply scroll over the gift they would like to get for you, click on it, and add a special note before purchase.

Sometimes it’s just too hard to determine what you will need in the future. For unique wedding ideas, “Card Avenue” has the perfect solution for couples undecided on what their needs will be. You and your fiance can register for “gift cards” from particular stores, restaurants, and services. This way you can get exactly what you need when you need it instead of having to worry about returning gifts that weren’t quite right or hassling over gift receipts….your unique gift registry is all ready to go.

For couples that like to support local independent artists, small businesses, or have a taste for the handmade, the “Etsy registry” is just the thing. Guests can purchase gifts made by artisans all over the world, supporting local economies that are dear to your hearts. Gifts can be shipped to the guest or direct to the bride and groom.

Conscientious couples can register for unique wedding ideas that are not only eco-friendly but guaranteed fair trade through “Seven Hopes United.” Not only are gifts unique, you can feel good knowing that they have been crafted by artisans who are receiving fair compensation for their work. “Seven Hopes United” makes sure that their artisans have safe working conditions and that no children are exploited.

Plan a socially conscious wedding through the “I Do Foundation.” Couples who don’t want for anything and prefer to give to others can register with their favourite charities to have donations given on their behalf. The “I Do Foundation” allows guests to support charities directly with secure online donations.

“Knack Registry” is a unique option available to the bride and groom to list gifts they would love to receive that can’t be found in store anywhere. Of course, these items can be listed alongside gifts that are available at national retailers. This is the perfect option for couples with friends who might not have much money to spend on gifts but are talented and can provide services.

Couples can register all or parts of their honeymoon on “The Honeymoon.” It will be an experience to remember forever. You can make modifications using a preprepared template or build your ideal honeymoon from scratch.

Scrap together the money you need to put that down payment on your dream house with “” Guests can contribute to your down payment fund as a wedding present to help you start your lives together in your very own home.

How to choose the perfect Orange County wedding venue


Issues to keep in mind

wedding venues in orange county
Is your perfect wedding little or a gigantic ordeal? Your response just might determine which of the wedding venues in Orange County you end up choosing. How could this be? Although the special day has to do with you, it’s likewise about your family and friends. If those closest to you have young children, is it reasonable to ask that they attend a wedding at sea? If loved ones are older and frail, should you anticipate that they will securely make it to the coastline? You will not have the ability to please everybody, however think about the possibility of compromising if it is the deciding factor between your special guests attending the ceremony or staying home.

Finding a venue by searching online

wedding venues in orange county
Often, brides-to-be turn to the Internet to search for wedding venues in Orange County. But there are also lots of options you may not have thought about. Believe it or not, many private mansions will actually rent their homes out for weddings. They also rent them out for corporate events, as well. There are a lot of facilities that have Orange County events, all the way from Anaheim down to Newport Beach. These are all great unique wedding ideas.